Did you know that thoughts are living beings like you and me? It may seem hard to imagine for some, but Quantum Physics has proven that this is the case. They call these living thoughts...thought-forms, and every thought that we've ever had is actually stored in our cells as cellular memory. But not only do we have our own thoughts stored in our cells, but we have also inherited certain thoughts from our ancestors through our DNA. If you want to experience exactly what I'm referring to, all you have to do is close your eyes and think of someone you know well…like your mother or your father. Picture them in your minds eye. The reason that we are able to bring a complete picture of someone into our head is because a memory of them is stored in our body, and we simply are calling upon that memory.

The fact that thoughts are living things has a significant impact on our lives. This is because we are motivated to do certain things, or not do certain things based on our memory of our experiences. For example if a child touches an iron and burns himself…it is unlikely that he will ever purposefully touch an iron again. The memory of his experience relates a fear of getting burned that will impact his future behavior. The fact that we are also susceptible to the memories of our distant relatives, means that we spend a lot of our time doing things based on underlying fears that we may not even be aware of. For instance, if you have a great-great-great grandfather who survived a plane crash and went on to have a family…thus passing on that memory, it may explain why you have an "unexplainable" fear of flying.

With this basic understanding of how thoughts are stored in our cells as memories that influence our behavior, we can now look at how we can identify which of our thoughts are controlling our behaviors.There are two ways that the mind is fed information…consciously and subconsciously. The information that we consciously or purposefully put in our mind (consciously) comes from many sources such as, books, seminars, educational audio/visual programs, formal education, etc. The information that has been fed to our minds at an unconscious level since birth also comes from a variety of sources. Some of these include our parents or guardians, our teachers, and society at large. We are constantly bombarded with messages from our environment that are actually creating our belief systems.

What is a belief system anyway? Simply put, a belief system is a group of thoughts that you believe to be true. You can hold these beliefs at a conscious or subconscious level. The ones that you have at a conscious level are ones that you can articulate and you are aware of how they motivate your actions. For example, you may have a conscious belief that if you work hard and save money, you will have a comfortable retirement. You know this is what you believe and you work hard and try to save money to support this belief.

The beliefs that you have at a subconscious level are also a motivating force, influencing what you do or do not do, but you are not aware of these beliefs and therefore are not aware of the impact they are having in your life. An example of a subconscious belief may be "I don't have what it takes to be wealthy because my family never had money and they didn't teach me about money." Because you are unaware of this belief, you diligently pursue wealth. You read all the right books, attend the right workshops, but for some reason there's a cap on how much money you've been able to generate in your pursuit. What's even more frustrating is that you may see others around you, putting in the same effort as you are (or maybe even less) and they are yielding tremendous financial results. What you don't know is that they may have been programmed with the subconscious belief that it's easy to make money and that money is everywhere!

This is just an example of how our beliefs create our reality. But it demonstrates how important it is to know what you have been subconsciously programmed to believe so that you can build upon the empowering beliefs and transform the limiting ones.

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