Q: Why does this process work?
A: The SMaRT process was designed and developed through years of field study with proven results in clinical research. SMaRT is based on the study of Behavior Psychology and Quantum Physics.

Q: Who can benefit from SMaRT?
A: Anyone who is looking to manifest the life they desire. If you have areas in your life that you want to change, then we can help you do that in our 1 on 1 sessions or our SMaRT DVD.

Q: Can SMaRT work for me?
A: As the saying goes, “You can bring a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” If you are committed to make a change in your life, our programs can and will help. If you lack commitment our programs can help you transform your resistance so you can commit.

Q: What happens if I need assistance with a product?
A: You have two options: call our toll-free number between 9:00am and 6:00pm PST. Or you can email your questions and we will either email you back with-in 24 hours or we will call you with-in 24 hours depending on the assistance needed.

Q: Do you work with Children?
A: Yes, we have had great success with children and teenagers.

Q: Do you accept checks?
A: Yes. We always try to accommodate our clients regarding their payment preference.

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